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What is a Builders Exchange?

The Missoula Plans Exchange is a type of building industry association. We have an important role in the construction industry.  We provide services and “exchange” information among contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, design firms, construction clients and others involved in the local construction industry.

Builders’ Exchanges share a common purpose of collecting and disseminating construction bidding information via a physical and/or electronic plan room. Builders’ Exchanges represent a collection of construction-related firms or members within a local region who pay annual dues to belong to the collective and receive the services it provides.

Missoula Plans Exchange has experienced personnel handling your projects, making sure that all current addenda and subsequent project correspondence are partnered with the plan and providing the project owner and bidders with up-to-date bidder's information. 

The Missoula Plans Exchange has a vested interest in the projects and our members. Therefore, we keep our information timely, organized, and accurate. We save you valuable time by having the project information organized in an easy to use, logical platform.

The Exchange provides an online planroom, members can access construction    project information 24 hours a day, 7 day a week.

Members receive a customizable morning update report which lists new projects, addenda & bid date extensions that are received each day. This report is e-mailed to members each morning to keep them updated on the projects they are interested in.



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Membership Information

Membership is $365 a year with a $50 new application fee. Membership duration is January to January. You can join anytime and cost is pro-rated from time of application through the rest of the year.
You may apply online by clicking on the "Membership" tab from our top toolbar or contact Twyla at for an application and current pricing.


Construction Reporting

The Missoula Plans Exchange takes
pride in keeping you up-to-date with
construction projects in our area
and beyond. We focus on Montana,
but include various projects in
Idaho, Wyoming, North and South
Dakota as well.
Addenda, memos and all project
information are up-to-date and
easily accessible to you. Simply log
on your computer, tablet or phone,
access the website and find all the
information you need.

We are your LOCAL connection and have a vested interest in the projects and our members. 

We've Got You Covered.jpg

We have you covered!

 We offer full printing services, small & large scale, color & black/white. We print on durable 20# paper or Poly/Copy Tuff. Poly paper is tear resistant, excellent for heavy use, outdoor & jobsite conditions. Use Copy Tuff in lieu of lamination.

We scan all sizes of documents. We have scanning sleeves to protect historical documents. 

Our office has plan tables, free Wi-Fi & computers for member use. We have a large training center available for meetings, seminars and events.

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Missoula Plans Exchange is a member owned & operated, non-profit Plans Exchange, incorporated in 1985.  Sponsored by the Missoula Construction Council, we offer a wide variety of services to our members.
We specialize in construction news reporting and offer the largest and most comprehensive listing of construction projects in Montana. We also include projects from Idaho, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wyoming. 

The Missoula Plans Exchange provides an invaluable service to the entire range of construction interests in this area. Members of the Plans Exchange include contractors, subcontractors, architects, engineers, material suppliers, factory representatives and other firms and individuals associated with the construction industry.
MPE.US is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.
Our office is open Monday—Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm




For any inquiries, questions or comments, please call: 1-406-549-5002 or fill out the following form

Contact Us

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201 North Russell

Missoula, MT 59801

Tel: 406-549-5002

Fax: 406-721-2941

Call for information: 


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