1. I need help on the new Online Plan Service (OPS) site, where do I find help ?

There are installation instructions and a quick start guide for the online planroom in the Help section of our planroom. It is also available by clicking HERE

2. What are Private Projects?

Private Projects is a service provided by the Missoula Plans Exchange that allows General Contractors, Owners, Architect, Developers, etc the ability to control access to any given project they provide to the Exchange. MPE Members and Non-Members will have the ability to view that one project as long as they are provided with the access code. This feature will enable all privately bid and negotiated projects to be available through the Exchange's website, but only to selected bidders. If you receive an invitation to bid via email, the email will contain the website address hyperlink and a password to access the project. The Missoula Plans Exchange can not provide you with this code.

3. How do I access Private Projects?

An email will be sent from the plan issuer (General Contractor or Architect or Sub-contractor) containing a hyperlink and a password. You can only access the project from that email.

4. How many users can we have online?

There is no limit. Each user must have their own user ID and password. Each user must be an employee of the company not a subcontractor of the member firm.

5. Can I get email notification of new projects?

Yes. While logged in go to “MY DESK”, click on “Notifications Setup”. Select what notifications you would like to receive and press “SET NOTIFICATIONS” (If you do not start receiving nightly emails go to “My Desk”, “My Profile”,  to make sure your email is correct. If it is correct check your junk folder.) You will then receive an email every listing the new projects.

6. Can I receive automatic emails of new Information posted on a project?

Yes. While looking at the Project Details on the right hand side select “Save Project”. (Ensure your email is correct by going to “My Desk”, “My Profile”. If it is correct check your junk folder.)

7. How do I Order Drawings?

On the Project Details page, select “Order Prints”, fill out the first step information (this does not order a whole set), then press “Click Here to Proceed”.  Now you are able to select the pages you would like printed and select “Submit Order”. The Missoula Plans Exchange will then receive an email and print the drawings you requested.

8. Where do I find bid results?

Any bid results received will be listed on the bidders list at the bottom of the Project Details page. New results will also be emailed with the Weekly Bulletin.

9. How do I add our company to the Missoula Plans Exchange Bidders List?

If you have online access on the Project Details Page there is a “Add Me TO Bidders List” link on the right hand side. If you are not a member you can email your information to the exchange at mpe@vemcoinc.com.

10. Is there a training to learn how to navigate the Missoula Plans Exchange website & online plan center?

Yes the first Friday of the month at 9:00AM at the plan room. Please RSVP with the plan room at mpe@vemcoinc.com or call 406-549-5002